Data View
Data Views are a series of self-contained chart experiences that cover a wide range of subject matter including jobs reports, retail spending, the housing boom & bust and the mortality rate.

The impetus behind Data View was a hope to provide clear and concise storytelling, while giving the supporting data more prominence and explorability.

The charts are fully immersive on screen and added notes, like signposts, guide the viewer.

The entire notion of charts placed in a body of text was flipped.

Demo video of features

A sample of the raw data used to create a Data View.

Giant touchscreen version of Data View for Information is Beautiful's awards night
Lisa Strausfeld, head of Visual Data
Christopher Cannon, senior designer
Jeremy Diamond, interaction designer/prototyper/developer
Takaaki Okada, designer

Selected Awards & Press
Webby Awards 2015 (Honoree, Best user interface)
Information is Beautiful Awards 2014 (silver, interactive)
Eppy Awards—Best Online Infographics,
Open News Source, Information Aesthetics